Hello, I'm Youyang, I draw a lot and I got a master degree of animation in Royal College of Art, London.
There are layers and layers of information and systems fabricating the complex world we are living, it seems that our life can sustain without the necessity to understand much of them.
Greedy as I am, I want to understand more.
Besides passionate verbal communication about all the mysteries of the world, I love observing things quite unspeakable, like rhythm, movement, contrast, texture, volume, scale and structures. When I see beauty, I draw. And when it's a little bit more complicated to capture, I direct animated short films to express more. 
In my directing works, sound plays an important role to the project. I have a strong interest to compose a magic interaction between the sound and image, in order to engage with audience closely and intuitively, like thinking experience itself.
Talk to me if you want to:)

+86 18500046129